Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Throw in the Towles

The unilateral decision to change the last two years of the Towles Montessori program to New Tech  seems to have upset a number of parents who knew nothing about the change until it was announced by the district out of the blue.  Understandable, since since their kids had been committed for another year at Towles before hearing about it. Less understandable was the reason given for changing to New Tech and routing Towles kids to Wayne instead of South Side. The district spokesperson blurted out something about SSHS maybe having a bad reputation and that people who though reputation was important just didn't want to give it a chance. "Maybe" having a bad reputation? And somehow Karen O'Frisco blamed  the whole thing on vouchers.

So a half dozen uppity parents came to last night's board meeting to complain and learn first hand about talking to a brick wall, also known as the school board. President QiaQuinta, known to his former schoolmates as Yahweh, explained that board members were "trained" not to respond to the public lest they undermine the superintendent, known to the common taxpayers as Your Majesty. They're well versed in pretending to pay close attention to their customers and feign interest in their concerns. And of course queens don't have customers or a need to win hearts and minds..