Friday, November 2, 2012

Wendy gets a hook

That's what a grade of "C" was called in my day. That's not the kind of hook we need to jerk her off the stage. Anyway that's down from an "A" last year. Well not really. The were never an "A" except under the IDE's screwed up new letter grade rating system, which had SAC and NAC rated as "C" districts.

But they got to pretend to be an "A" district until the IDE got their act together this year and the ratings were reversed. They got to hang banners all over town proclaiming themselves to be an "A" rated school district. They got to hang ""A" rated district" after FWCS in every print article for a year. They got to convince voters they deserved a bond issue to air condition their "A" rated schools.

Now that the IDE has fixed their calculation and FWCS' grade is realistic, they and the JG are complaining that the system is incomprehensible. There were no complaints last year. For a year FWCS and  incumbent board members John Peirce and Becky Hill were able to lie to us with the assistance of the IDE. You could argue that they really believed the ratings but that would be testimony to their incompetence. They should grateful for undeserved favors. Voters should be grateful to learn the truth before the election is over.