Friday, July 26, 2013

Knock knock, who's there...

Wendy. Wendy who? We'n dy premier urban school district. The almost best of the worst.

No it's not an encyclopedia salesman. It's someone from We Are Schools to get your kids registered in FWCS. Every body in a seat on count day is more bucks for the district. And what a deal for somebody with kids who hasn't escaped to the suburbs. Free meals, free transportation, air conditioning, no failing grades in their courses and a guaranteed path to "graduation". They can even recommend the best colleges for remediation.

Why opt for a voucher to a snooty private school with no gangbangers.  How else can they celebrate the colorful vocabulary and jailhouse fashions of street culture? Why spend over $100,000 to send you kids to Canterbury to keep them out of SSHS? I don't know but if GiaQinta knocks on your door be sure to ask him. I've only heard rumors.