Friday, March 20, 2009

Laying off teachers counterproductive

With budget cuts forcing FWCS to cut staffing, it appears about 50 teaching positions will be cut. With retirements at about 30% of the normal levels that means some number of teachers will be laid off. It's diffcult enough to get and retain competent (not to mention lower paid) young teachers, without adding to their frustration by keeping teachers in order of seniority.

I'm sure there are many more senior teachers who would love to retire but are forced to keep working because of the steep declines in their 401K accounts. Give them an incentive (package) to retire and they'll be gone, avoiding teacher layoffs.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"arrogance and contempt"

Yesterday and today the JG was on Mayor Henry's case about failing to disclose information obtained with the taxpayers' money and proposing a casino referendum without disclosing who was behind the push for a referendum. Personally I agree with their position on this one but where were they when King Richard and a majority of the city council crammed Harrison Square down our throats? Oh, that's right, they were on board with that one. What did they say when Wendy and Steve (Mr. Fiscal Responsibility) Corona spent $450 thousand of our tax dollars to provide political cover for a record property tax increase to get buildings like Aboite? Well, they were the district's cheerleaders.

Selective indignation rings hollow.