Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still no "WOW" day at FWCS

The spring test scores were no better than the fall test scores, so the JG chimed in with an editorial about the need for pre-school programs to help disadvantaged kids catch up. Apparently full day kindergarten, the previous solution, hasn't done the trick, although now that we have it, it's here to stay, whether it helps or not. Maybe pre-school is the answer. Maybe those of us who have books at home should adopt all the kids from homes without books. We appear to care more about these kids than their parents do.

What's obvious is that FWCS can't improve their scores. But they never seem to be able to just come out and say that because they can't admit that they're going down the same track as every other urban district. That eventually means declining resources and declining enrollment. So when they come up with another building remodeling proposal, what's in it for the taxpayers? Nothing. Many of their buildings will eventually be empty. As the inevitable happens, all that can be justified is keeping the buildings we have viable.