Sunday, April 15, 2012

We're getting closer to the truth.....

Six years ago, when the district was floating its $500MM bond issue, I went to a board meeting and told them the amount was excessive and if they persisted there would be a remonstrance. I told them that the remonstrance would also provide an opportunity to reveal what was going on in the district's classrooms which bears no resemblance to the happy talk in the board room. The talk did no good. The bond issue failed but unfortunately no significant changes resulted toward academic progress until the state threatened to start taking over their schools.

The last project was Wendy's roundabout way of trying once again to get the buildings air conditioned. Today the JG wrote that it will add air conditioning to 13 buildings, not "replace cooling systems" in 13 buildings that don't have AC as the district says on its website summaries. Of course the JG does not say that about $110 million of the project total is for HVAC and chillers. So in case you missed Krista Stockman babbling on "Midday Matters" last summer, it's still largely about air conditioning. The district claims that AC is being added because heating systems need to be replaced anyway but it could just as well be that they have to replace heating systems to allow the addition of AC. We have to take their word for it and admittedly I, personally, believe nothing they say.

They're in this situation because for over twenty years they've diverted $200 million of capital funds to "racial balance". They did that because funding racial balance was supposed to be "tax neutral". Obviously the "tax neutral" bill has come due. Without that diversion they could have done all of this on a pay as you go basis with no bond issue, no bond interest and no questions asked. And despite having no quantifiable academic benefit to show for it, they continue to do it.
Don't let anyone tell you how to vote, least of all our newspaper editors. They're slanted and/or ignorant just as they are when endorsing candidates for office. Which ever way you vote just make sure you know what you're voting for. Plus this time it's a secret ballot so Bill Sweet can't go look at petitions to see how you voted.