Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mitch to Tower , " Everything looks good from 30,000 ft".

At a candidates seminar for the "BIZPAC" endorsement (rigged for a predetermined outcome) incumbent Mitch Sheppard gave her philosophy for school board governance as "taking a view from 30,000 feet". If you had flown in an airplane over lower Manhattan in the summer of 2008, Wall Street would have looked great from 30,000 ft. If you had been sitting in the boardrooms of Lehman's, AIG, Merrill, Wachovia or any other financial firm about to crater, everything would have looked good from the top floors of their headquarters. If you're sitting on the board in the Grile Center everything looks as good as what Wendy tells you.

That situation will continue if the candidates endorsed by such "experts" as BIZPAC and the JG make up next board. The "experts" are only slightly less informed about the situation in our classrooms than our board members. The problem is in our classrooms. The solutions have to come from people who have been in the classrooms. No one who has been in the schools would believe that last spring's increase in 3-8 ISTEP+ passing rates showed a real improvement. But that's what our board believes because they have no first hand knowledge of the reality in our buildings. Maybe that's what the public believes as well, even after they eventually see the miserable results from the high school ECA's. We'll see Tuesday.


Spencer Clay said...

I have to agree. Our schools are failing and all of Wendy's remarks will not fix them. I believe this election will determine if FWCS is going to improve or continue to fail. Please vote against the man even if the man is a sixty year old black woman.

siestagirl said...

I also agree. Not much in the new LEAD schools has come from teachers or even principals. Teachers have little or no voice and principals have not much more. All the change is coming from above, with little ownership by teachers or principals. And guess who is the least accountable? Any chance Grile administrators or board members will be terminated for low test scores?

Code Blue Schools said...

No, they'll be given waivers like the kids they're socially promoting through the system.

So how'd you guys like "Waiting for Superman"? Anything look familiar?

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